List of Common Noob Habits You Should All Try to Break

I thought I’d write a list of problems that newer players consistently have. The list isn’t comprehensive, but if you’ve been playing for < 2 years, odds are you have at least a couple of these habits. I know I suffer from some of these bad habits as well, but at least I’m cognizant that I did something stupid and that I should try to avoid it in the future. If you can possibly watch footage of yourself, review it and note any of these habits. If you can’t watch yourself, then just try to think about these things next time you play.  Note that this isn’t a comprehensive list of bad habits.  It’s a list of bad habits that I commonly see if I sit down on the setup with a random.  For instance, tech rolling predictably is a bad habit, but I have come across <5 noobs in my life that invariably tech roll away, and >200 who repeatedly tech roll in.  Because I, and pretty much all other decent players, are cognizant of these bad habits, if you suffer from 2-3, you are likely to be punished extremely hard, to the point that you don’t have any chance of winning.

List of common noob habits:

Using your jump as soon as you get out of hitstun in the air

Recovering by jumping and attacking instead of jumping to the ledge

Attacking when cornered

Mindless full hops when cornered

Excessive rolling

Excessive spot dodges

Excessive shield grabs

Spamming finishing moves in the neutral instead of combo starters

Consistently doing survival DI instead of combo DI

Grabbing the ledge indiscriminately when ledge guarding from the stage is better

Not respecting crouch cancel

Going for hard reads when you don’t have a read

Going for a read in a reactable situation

Teching in place too much

Tech rolling toward the center of the stage too much

Only recovering in one way

Spamming ledgehop aerials, especially dair with spacies

Watching yourself getting comboed instead of trying to get out

Pointless movement, usually involving wavelands and platforms. Against Marth, for example, it’s hardly ever actually a good idea to go to platforms. Just because you can do a movement trick doesn’t mean you should

Spamming an option because it works and not because it’s good (specifically in friendlies)

Trying to do too many things–master specific setups and gradually build up your arsenal

Trying to use moves that are just bad


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